How much can you change even if you don’t think you should change?

Recently at my job as a video producer, there is a new creative director that stepped on our creative team. I knew him already but I always kept my distance from him. Not in fear but looking at it, it was cause I don’t have the same interests as him. Actually I don’t have many vices like smoking, drinking, or weed smoking so networking was a weird one for me these past few years. Also I felt a sense of self pride that I don’t need to associate myself with other “filmmakers” because I’m got my own path. I learned this shit almost all by myself, and operated by myself. Why? There’s a host of reasons but in short it’s because I want CONTROL.
I was always taught at home as a child to be better not cause it was told or instilled in me by my folks, but because I felt I didn’t have any love because I was always sad and depressed as a child. Now I don’t want to dive in this section of my life because I’ve found an acceptance of the past and healed, but there are wounds that blaming anybody like my parents will do me no good.
Moving on to the past few years 2015-2019.
During the time I went to travel and left the country, this guy really put in the “work” (networking/hob knobbing/getting gigs) to elevate his craft, and I on the other hand wanted to discover myself (alternate skills, speaking, self healing. Side note: I didn’t want to be a director in production but a director that looks for production companies, the cinematographer/photographer/illustrator had a natural knack to want to do production and learn about the gaffing, key lighting etc… I on the other hand just never felt like I fit in. I was down with the musicians, artists, skateboarders and surfers. Funny thing is that I ended up shifting away from people like this as I spent my time abroad.
So here he is at the company more often as a collaborator, but ultimately I know in reality this guy is a filter between me and the owners of the company. In order to meet this situation head on I decided to hang out with this guy out of the work scenario. I like hanging out with him, even though I don’t have the same experiences as him. For some reason, I can’t accept a guy younger than me running the show. I either “gotta be equal to you or above you.” Why? I thought I was better than him. In what way you may ask?

Without listing any qualities I think that my own sense of self importance is what makes me think I’m better than the next person. If I’m in control of my health, and finances it gives me confidence and this confidence came from within and the adaptation to the environment.
I’m sharing all my deepest thoughts right now. I am a dictator sometimes but I am also a really good supporter in a team. It’s very extreme on both sides of the positional spectrum, however I’m finding my fit.

Overall I am unserious about life. I don’t know what I want to do, I don’t have real long term plans accept gaining my overall financial freedom.

Choice is a human right.

What is my intent here?

This is not another “voice of freedom” post about to float on the ephemeral rivers of internet. I intend to talk to you, the people who choose to think, choose to make decisions not by someone else’s “fact checking” or a huge propaganda push by big tech, big pharma, and big “brutha”. I’m talking to the ones who develop their own empirical research, hypotheses, and conclusions. Not only do you have these empirical expereinces for yourself you can courageously and boldly believe in yourself. These iterations lead you to your own experiences, not conclusions because REAL SCIENCE can be and should be questioned(this does develop a never ending cycle of the juggling act because you can never end at a solidified conclusion).

You’re reading this because you know everything from mandates to a one sized solution for a REAL questionable thing that the government provides is bullshit. Am I anti-anything? No. I’m defending choice as a human right. At the end of the day, we have reached dumbed down world or mostly docile world similar to scenes from A Brave New World, or 1984. But there are those who still think and believe in health and well being as a responsibility of self.

Before I end here I want to clarify that I am not perfect or a purist but that I think in an imperfect world we have to have a sense of self control, what that means simply is you do what you can within your vicinity. Before we follow the outside narratives of injustices, war, economic and safety issues the question you have to sit with is this: have I taken care of my own situation?

Thanks for reading friends, this is a little bit heavier than my other posts but I think at some point we have to grow like how in biology and nature, things adapt and evolve. Keep growing and do not be afraid to walk in the dark. Lots of genuine love and props sending out to you ALL.

When you think you know it all.

It’s been a minute (while) since I’ve spoke here/flushed out my thoughts. For the readers that have read my stuff I thank you for your support. If you’ve glanced at the ramblings/writing you’ve supported me. I wanted to be heard and at the same time be able provide some insight for us to think deeper about our surroundings and social upbringings.
During the time I was away quite a number of things had happened.
Living in a mini van while renting out a coworking space to use their shower and wifi during the lock down from June 2020 till March 2021. Getting a job with my former clients, who’s company took off within 4 years. They are a Shark Tank owned company and honestly without the Shark Tank push I know they would have been big regardless. Reuniting with my girl after her country had blocked foreigners from going to their country from this Plan-demic (yes I said it). I won’t into the deets (details) here but I don’t think my life adventure is over. During the time I was in my van, I had a lot of isolation literally in the darkness. I would be in business districts sleeping near the mountains next to these areas. This provided me time to be with the dark so to speak internally and externally.
The darkness internally was the anxiety of not really know what was going to happen next, (vaxxines, questions to what type of business can I be in and really dedicate to it without outside “motivation” or influence, when can I retire, why does it feel like I’m not really doing what I want to do, why am I so relaxed (not really driven), and a ton of other things that probably didn’t need to have space to occupy my peacefulness. Externally, I was trying to explore what other things I was good at, and also attempting to reconnaisance other states in the US of Corporate Americas(USA), learn more and meet more people.
These things are like a blur now. I’ve been busier than ever, now I’m back to a middle class status but the cash flow isn’t what I’d like it to be. Having a job you like and that has growth is like having golden handcuffs. However I have oxymoronically kept my distance and at the same time get closer to the people at the company. We are human after all aren’t we?

I’ve been busy saving up for a house, building that shark tank company and learning through experience with the owners and team, building a side business with my future wife that eventually will be my main focus or piece that I can dedicate to, skilled labor for self, cooking, and self education.

I was going to type up my plan here tonight but I gotta head to sleep. More energy equals better output.

See ya!
Galon Goshin

A solid plan does not use band-aid solutions

If you want to fix a leaking roof, putting a bucket to catch the water is only a temporary band-aid. You want to fix that roof, or the source of the roof damage.

I am at another point in my life to try things out, but this time discuss it with a partner. Up to this point in my life, I’ve made decisions in the most ultimatum selection between two choices. I have had plans, but after moving abroad to South America, I thought I could just become famous and hit it off well with my girlfriend. As a matter of fact, after 4 years, I found ways to save, save, save and not put in drive into my practice of video because I didn’t see any carrot on a stick any more. Not only this, I didn’t want to earn money to utilize it for skills that I can learn on my own; these skills include cooking, maintaining my own vehicles, making my own website and using it to market my services, find and sell my own gigs, my own clothing alterations, home plumbing and maintenance, being my own exercise coach, financial advisor, and with my partner my girlfriend we become the ultimate duo team.

If I am to reach for things with a partner, I am going to have to be a team player and really make it work together. Then we can go forth on the long run.

In the United States, “dreams” are sold daily. I believe in quality hard work, balanced hard work, but not a “dream”, or “lazy but hopeful” work. I had that when I thought I could escape the matrix. There is a way to swim in the currents of the matrix. You watch.

So I’ll be updating my plan to my girl and you all here with a proper long phase operation.

All the best to G.O.D., the universe, and nature for providing all that I need in life.

Blessings to you all.


Autobiographies are awesome, but what do they do for you?

If you put the authenticity or truth aspect of the book to the side just for a second, when you read a story of the experiences of the author it really teaches you a lot.

I want to share with you a few autobiographies that really got me going in life, especially to LIVE my life. As a person who once bought into the illusion of being a famous filmmaker, I always wondered what it took to write amazing stories.

The answers came from all over at first, and it was always about copying other movies not knowing why these stories were being told, but I just imitated how they were being told from watching a lot of “classics” and whatever was being marketed well enough as an “indie” or “foreign” film. It only made sense to do what I did. If I was to explain to someone that I just would splice an awesome idea from one movie to another to compile together to a short or feature, that would be it.

Here’s a problem with that, with that way of doing things I don’t think there’s any full authenticity to it, or any flavor to be exact. Later on I tried to write something that was motivational, about a beat maker. I cringe just thinking about the the days I spent alone in my apartment for months writing and only to come out with a 10 minute movie.

Back to the main point of coming up with a story, I now know through reading autobiographies its about taking your life experiences to tell a story. The story could be fake or real, but the lesson was what you were trying to get out. If it was a multi genre Japanese comedy that story might not have any thing to take out of it but a good laugh or your mind might be blown.

I also like reading autobiographies because it’s like having a conversation with the author and learning from them. When you read enough, you think to yourself it’s time to gain your own life experiences. Prior to being 30, I was very flimsy in terms of being decisive in my life. If there was one thing that was consistent, it was taking shortcuts. I remind all my friends here to remember you can’t skip the work. It could be hard or smart, but there is work. Go, work, and get those life experiences. Forget the images and dreams the society, or the “higher” ups are trying to sell you. Being famous doesn’t mean shit these days. What matters is your sanity and your balanced happiness.

Just read Lisa Ann’s Bio. It’s pretty good.

The Life: Playin' Palin, My Love of Sports, and Living to the Fullest On My Own TermsThe Life: Playin’ Palin, My Love of Sports, and Living to the Fullest On My Own Terms by Lisa Ann
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is part one of the review since I am only halfway through this book. I recommend reading this book because you’ll get a microscope into a unique American story. This book comes from the perspective of girl getting turned off by the dysfunction in her community and family, connecting the dots of the flaws and values in American society, and coming out a winner in the porn business.
Lisa Ann shares her experiences in being a conventional business owner and a hustler in the adult business. A very good open look into the adult industry on all aspects from the “glam” to the “dirty”.

Part II
Just finished the book on 4/20/2020 at 00:58

Either this is a great read or I really like autobiographies. Lisa Ann as a person isn’t perfect but her experiences are unique and she has to walk through judgement more than an ex-convict will have to. There is no doubt that she had to do the work, as her sign is a Taurus. If you like to read biographies, I recommend it since this one is straight from the author’s deep perspective, pun intended.

For those who think porn is close to reality…
“GUYS, most of what you see on the Internet will never happen for you. If you ask a girl, you may offend her and if you force a girl, you may face criminal charges. Take it from me: most girls don’t want to be doing those scenes even with the money on the table.
I know that sounds harsh, but I am glad I grew up without access to the overwhelming variety of sex acts the Internet is filled with. It has created a new normal for a generation that will, in the end, be the most sexually confused of all.”

The good news is that not all dudes are like this. I would rather have real passionate sex with someone I love and get along with than watch porn to fulfill an illusion.

Here’s her take on the industry from her experiences. (as of 2014-2015)
“Once porn went online, the demand for content skyrocketed. We started to need so much content that we no longer looked at the talent, especially the girls, as people. They were just bodies coming into the situation, getting used for a few months, and then dropped. No one kept in touch with the girls once they found a pretty new face; no one checked on them. There were always more girls ready to take the others’ places.
Porn went from loving and celebrating women to treating them as disposable things.”

The Game is sold not to be told.

I’d like to invite you all to a story.

You’re looking for gold, but you have no tools as you move towards your mapped out gold mind. Thankfully on the road on your journey there are people that know what you’re looking for will provide you the tools to help you get your “gold”.

You’re thinking to yourself;

“Great! I need this. This will help me get closer to my rich gold digging dreams!”

These people sell you a shovel, or a pair of jeans that is weather and protective, a mask, a hard hat, a lantern, and maybe a book on gold digging techniques. You get all that has been recommended so now you can go and get the gold and come out rich beyond your dreams.

Towards the end of your journey after you reach that gold mine, you may or may not find any gold, since there were others who were also on this goldrush, but the person who sold you the tools got their gold.

The story isn’t original but I wanted to do my rendition of it. So when you take a course/bootcamp, or get a tool that will get you to the goal(gold), the solution or the “gold” you’re looking for has already been sold. The person who is teaching the techniques to you know that the mine they’ve mined at is almost empty, so now they can start teaching you what worked for them when this were untapped.

I hope this section gets you to think and ask questions my friends.

Peace, blessings to you all.

Galon Goshin.

Forecast of thoughts

What is going to happen after this Covid 19/Corona virus fiasco?

I went to sleep at 440 am after watching the Life After Porn documentaries (selected stories I wanted to hear and skipped the rest), and Hidden Colors 5. I woke up at 830am and though tired, I had to get my day started. I started it like a zombie, with only one bathroom in this house I had to wait for the poop smell to go away since my dad just used it.

With the extra time I could wait, I went ahead to make my steam bread that rested from the night before. Usually I only eat lunch and early dinner, but this morning I wanted to cook and eat the steam bread that I made yesterday. Zombie like I ate the bread, and my parents would talk with me and I had no interest in speaking with them. During this wait for the bread, and the bathroom to clear I thought to myself. This is a regular thing where I think about how this Country with No Name has no interest for our well being. We’re here to just play out that 1984 world. Thus, going deeper I challenge you to think and know that this Covid 19 fiasco has a multitude of things that happened behind the curtain.

I will be listing out my thoughts of what’s happening, and what might happen after. Remember these are not theories, because I have no concrete evidence to support, but I have the right to imagine and encourage you to do the same. The good news is that there are solutions. The choices are yours.

What’s going on behind the curtains of this “show”

With almost every state on lockdown, I think that the government and it’s agencies can execute more constructions as needed. This could be more hidden military bases, compounds, labs.

This whole thing is to cover the outstanding debt of the United States of No Named Country to other nations specifically China who is holding this no named country “by the balls”. While the people are at home, being shut off from going to places and doing stuff, the economy is kuput and it’s easier for banks, corporations, lobbyists to do their dirty work to reset any debts, launder any money, pocket any financial balance covered as a grant and more.

 What’s already happening but some choose not to see beyond the surface.

Conflicts at home and the outside, whether it’s “race” or germ paranoia. Anything to get the people to divide which makes it easy for the desired to conquer.

This virus with the fall of the economy is a reoccurring event (swine flu/spanish flu/measles/and more), thrown in to disrupt the people when the gov needs to do it’s “chores”.

5G is out, despite the warnings of the physical and mental damages these radiated signals have on different species. Even our wifi signals floating around, the computer and phone we stare at are already doing it’s thing.

 What could happen after this fiasco

With everyone staying at home, people will feel more creative and wanting to be more productive than ever. This benefits the gov/the insignificant at the top as they get to collect those sweet taxes and creative ideas from the people.

Everyone will want to stay home and we’ll be seeing “A Brave New World” and “The Matrix” continue to manifest itself in a deeper state.



You stay productive and creative, develop skills, buy less shit, bond with loved ones, keep on learning, avoid sports ball and other entertainment that isn’t benefiting you, travel to the places that the media says is dangerous, and go outside. At the end of the day, everyone will do what they want to do, so “to each their own” and nature has your back if you got awesome intentions.  I personally want to keep an awesome path so I take action on integrity, truth to self, so I can sleep at night.

Peace, love, and light.


PS- stay in touch! I know you guys got nowhere else to go.,. hahah